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Therefore, if you are looking for the best range of EPE foam tubes (sleeve), you have landed at the right place. We have in store a wide range of foam pipe insulation tubes from which you can choose the best according to your requirements. Being a leading provider, we are trusted to furnish the best and meet your expectations in every aspect.

Moreover, this would serves as an ideal way of insulating your plumbing and domestic heating pipes. Coming along with it are low maintenance and saving up on your heating and electricity bills. Also, it is precisely designed to cater to any of your requirement; you just need to pick the right size and quantity required from the spectrum available at Shrinidhi Plastic Industries.


Get your hands on the features of the best EPE foam tubes (sleeve) which we have to bestow you with. We promise to put forth the choicest ones leaving no rooms for doubts on your part.

  • Made up of high-quality raw material
  • Excellent thermal conductivity and stability
  • Easy to cut, shape and install
  • Light in weight with high durability
  • Good water absorption capacity and vapour permeability
  • Available in various sizes – From 22 mm × 7 mm to 70 mm × 50 mm
  • Available in several quantity units – From 200 metres to 1500 metres
  • Non-toxic, strong and durable

Uses and Applications

The EPE foam tubes (sleeve) we have at Shrinidhi Plastic Industries is precisely tailored to cater to a wide range of uses and applications. The varied inner and outer diameters make it the perfect fit for your varied requirements.

  • Excellent for heat and thermal insulation
  • Provides effective insulation for hot water and solar systems
  • Finely prevents condensation in cold and humid weather
  • Right choice for air conditioner and refrigeration industries
  • Used for protection and decoration as well
  • Perfect application for plumbing, heating, outdoor and more

Above all, the EPE foam tubes (sleeve) we offer at Shrinidhi Plastic Industries comes along with a plethora of benefits which can be named as excellent thermal insulation, versatility, plenty of applications and uses among others. Moreover, it can be the best fit for your insulation requirements.

We always take up the task of putting forth the best EPE foam tubes (sleeve) to eliminate your insulation concerns. Get in touch with us now to explore the best insulation solution for you furnished before you as the finest EPE foam tubes (sleeve). Get your best pick we have available for you at Shrinidhi Plastic Industries.

Used For Protecting

Size Qty (Packing per bundle)
22 mm X 7 mm 1500 mtr
25 mm X 10 mm 1200 mtr
26 mm X 13 mm 1200 mtr
30 mm X 10 mm 1000 mtr
30 mm X 16 mm 1000 mtr
32 mm X 16 mm 1000 mtr
32 mm X 13 mm 1000 mtr
33 mm X 19 mm 800 mtr
35 mm X 19 mm 700 mtr
40 mm X 20 mm 500 mtr
40 mm X 25 mm 500 mtr
45 mm X 22 mm 500 mtr
45 mm X 32 mm 500 mtr
50 mm X 25 mm 350 mtr
50 mm X 30 mm 350 mtr
55 mm X 35 mm 300 mtr
58 mm X 40 mm 250 mtr
60 mm X 38 mm 250 mtr
60 mm X 40 mm 250 mtr
60 mm X 42 mm 250 mtr
70 mm X 50 mm 200 mtr

Product Applications