Premium Quality EPE Foam Backer Rod, Tubes as Pool Noodle – A Safe Fun Begins Here

EPE Foam Backer Rods

EPE foam, made from polyethylene is a closed cell foam which has multiple applications, from providing total protection to goods during storage or transportation to serving as a pool noodle or water foam stick. Today, EPE foam material has grown into popularity due to its versatility, efficiency, and other features which make it the most feasible, quality-driven and sustainable solution.

Features of EPE foam – reasons why it is a preferred choice

  • Advanced shock absorbency
  • Ability to withstand high amount of force, stress, etc.
  • Greater flexibility, highly durable
  • Complete protection against storage, transportation damages
  • Moisture absorbent properties
  • Chemical and static resistant
  • Easy handling
  • Desired structure 
  • Non-toxic
  • Available in a wide variety
  • Recyclable  
  • Dimensional stability
  • Vibration dampening   

EPE foam backer rod and tubes

A wide range of foam pipe insulation tubes can be utilized for various purposes. They can literally cater to any of your requirement as they are available in larger quantities and sizes. EPE foam tube is manufactured using high-quality raw material. It is easier to be installed and shaped. It contains good thermal conductivity and stability. Its water absorption capacity is good. EPE foam tubes can be used for thermal insulation, solar systems, air conditioner and refrigeration industries, decoration businesses, plumbing, and more.

Do you know?

EPE foam backer rods and tubes have one more application – Pool Noodle or Water Foam Stick.

These tubes or rods can be utilized as a pool noodle, a cylindrical piece of polyethylene foam that serves as a swimming accessory for fun and importantly, for safety in the water. The durability of these rods or tubes for water activities is good. From adults to children, all can dive into the fun of water games, activities and sheer enjoyment of swimming using the noodle. The best part is pool noodle’s resilience. It is able to bend and bounce back – which is all one needs to play in water. Versatile pool noodles are also used by many for rescue-reaching, aquatic exercises or simply floating. These are polyethylene foam noodle where the foam actually prevents water from penetrating the cells. Thus, one can float effortlessly.

Apart from serving as swimming aid, during water games, foam rods can be utilized for crafts and DIY projects too as a part of creative ideas. The versatility of pool noodles makes it possible to use them in different ways. Other interesting yet feasible ways to utilize the same is by using it as a door stopper to prevent injuries to children. Some people also use them as hangers and keep their closet well-organized.

Shrinidhi Plastic Industries provides EPE foam backer rod, a technology that offers incredible flexibility, superior quality, and suitability for a wide variety of applications. We offer EPE foam backer rod of different sizes, in different quantities and thus we take care of your exact requirements. Apart from the applications mentioned above, our rods can be utilized as fitting around windows, wall joints, etc.

Looking for customized, efficient and feasible EPE foam solutions?

Our EPE foam products are water and corrosion resistant. They provide effective resistance against acids and are easy to be handled and installed by someone who knows how to do it. The products are antifungal and also can prevent water and moisture seepage. Due to these qualities and characteristics, they are ideal fit for construction work, shoes, underground tables, glass wall constructions, doors and windows frames, cushioning material in leather bag, and more. If you have a quality EPE foam rod, you can utilize it in as many ways as possible.

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