EPE Foam – Towards Absolute Shied

EPE Foam Backer Rods

Traditional and e-commerce businesses are developing rapidly today. Many of them deliver larger quantity of goods and equipments including fragile items to consumers. The concern here is ensuring the safe delivery and thus, effective development of business. The total protection is ensured when appropriate packaging technique that facilitates zero damage to fragile foods is followed. It is absolutely possible to protect goods from damage with EPE foam packaging, for each packaging is a marketing tool as it keeps products safer for your customers and earns you customer delight. Total protection of your goods is an evident necessity.

EPE Foam – Excellent Solution Because It Works

EPE foam is made from polyethylene. It is a closed cell foam that protects products from getting damaged. Its primary objective is to provide total protection to goods. EPE foam is used by multiple industries. It works as an absolute shield from impact. Here are advanced features of EPE foam that makes it a preferred packaging solutions for many businesses.

Top Qualities Of EPE Foam That Make It A Premium Solution

  • EPE foam is equipped with superior shock absorbency which makes it capable of withstanding high amounts of stress. 
  • Its flexibility is better than other alternatives. EPE foam products provides maximum protection. 
  • The cellular structure makes it highly durable, a perfect fit for all your packaging needs. 
  • EPE foam is capable of regaining its shape post shock. 
  • It has soft texture that provides a comprehensive protection against scratches, especially damages or marks occurring during transportation.
  • EPE foam is chemical, moisture and static resistant. 
  • It is equipped with moisture absorbent properties and is highly effective for its low thermal conductivity.  
  • Importantly, EPE foam is easy to be used. Professionals who have experience in handling it can easily shape, seal and cut it. Besides, it is light in weight which makes it a cost-efficient solution.
  • It is important to note that EPE foam can be fabricated into desired structures.  
  • High temperature might not affect the properties of EPE foam. 
  • As it is non-toxic, it can be used safely for food packaging. EPE foam is resistant to fungi on its surface.  
  • EPE foam is available in various types such as sheets, tubes, rods, fruit net, to suit specific requirements. EPE material can be recycled easily by melting it.    
  • Depending on preferences for aesthetics, one can consider dying EPE foam in different colours.   
  • It offers incredible dimensional stability and vibration dampening. 

With so many features and properties, EPE foam packaging solutions certainly win over other alternatives as an absolute protection. Shrinidhi Plastic Industries offers the finest EPE pipe insulation tubes, backer rod, sheets and fruit net. As a manufacturer and solution provider, we understand your requirements and concerns. You can choose the best product from our wide range of foam pipe tubes, and similar EPE foam products that meet your expectations and give you an edge. Every product, at Shrinidhi Plastic, is manufactured using cutting-edge technology, innovative approach, industry-relevant practices and efficient processes to achieve our end goal. All products are made up of high-quality raw material; they are easy to be shaped and installed. Besides, they offer good thermal conductivity and stability. We offer products in various sizes and in different quantity units.

Explore a wide spectrum of EPE foam solutions

  • Durable & lightweight
  • EPE foam fruit net
  • EPE foam tube
  • EPE foam backer rod
  • EPE foam profiles
  • EPE foam sheets
  • Foam fruit bagging
  • Oxo Biodegradable garbage bags
  • Others

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