EPE Foam Fruit Net


Min. Quantity (5000 Piece)

Fruits Choose Size:
For Guava ( 100 gm to 500 gm weight ) 40x80x180 mm
For Guava ( above 500 gm weight ) 40x80x220 mm
For Apple and Mango 50×100 mm
50×125 mm
50×135 mm
For Papaya and Watermelon 80×160 mm
80×170 mm

Note : Transportation Charges must be paid by the customer

Approx Transportation Charges Per Bundle.



Are you tired of the fruits getting spoilt or delicate items breaking while storing and moving? You might have tried several alternatives to combat the issue. Some might have been effective while some might have disappointed you. Well, we know that they need to be handled with care. Also, we comprehend and value the individuality of every client’s requirements and work towards putting forth a holistic solution to them. For this, we bring an excellent fix for you.

Key Points
  • Lightweight yet tough
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Hygienic and non-toxic
  • Moisture and abrasion resistant
  • Economical and reusable
  • Excellent chemical resistance